Tips For Purchasing a Murphy Bed Kit

Tips For Purchasing a Murphy Bed Kit

Murphy beds are trending right now. From HGTV to online blogs, Murphy Beds seem to be everywhere. These space-saving beds are versatile and practical, especially when more space is needed. And who couldn’t benefit from a little more space?

Why a Murphy Bed Kit?

If you are ready to open your home to a Murphy Bed kit, Create-A-Bed has several options available. From queen to twin, standard to deluxe, horizontal to vertical, they have a Murphy bed mechanisms to fit your needs. 

  • Adjustable: Until recently, adjusting a Murphy Bed meant taking the bed apart in order to add or remove the metal springs to adjust the lift of the bed. It’s one of the many reasons manufacturers and customers prefer our state-of-the-art adjustable mechanism instead of old-fashioned metal springs.
  • Deluxe: The deluxe tube-leg mechanism is used to build a Murphy bed that utilizes a pair of metal legs. The tube legs are concealed inside the bed cabinet when it is closed and are manually rotated over the end of the bed face panel when it is lowered out of the cabinet.
  • Standard: The standard hinged-leg mechanism is used to build a Murphy Bed with two hinged wooden legs that are attached to the front of the bed. They are completely under the bed when the bed is lowered and in use.

Our Murphy Bed mechanisms come with complete step-by-step printed construction instructions. The instruction books are specific to the size (Twin, Full, or Queen) and style (Vertical or Horizontal) of the bed ordered.

When ordering, be sure to choose the mechanism that best fits your needs. Size, materials, storage features, and orientation should all be considered.

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Want to Learn More?

Proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA, Create-A-Bed is operated in Louisville, Kentucky and has several Create-A-Bed Murphy Bed Mechanism options available. You can visit our showroom or contact us to see what we can do for you.

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