Murphy Bed Hardware 101

Murphy Bed Hardware 101

What are Murphy Beds?

When you think of "Murphy", a certain Eddie or Papa may come to mind, but in the world of multifunctional furniture, Murphy is synonymous with space-saving sleep. Murphy Bed Hardware is perfect for small-space living or dual-purpose rooms. Murphy Beds are hinged at one end so it can be lifted to a vertical position for storage purposes. 

Murphy Beds were patented in 1912

Why are they called Murphy Beds?

It was named after Inventor William Lawrence Murphy (1876-1957) who was living in a one-room apartment in San Francisco in the late 19th century and needed to transform his bedroom into a parlor to entertain a lady friend. Courting customs at that time would not allow a woman to enter a man’s bedroom, so Murphy experimented with various designs and the Murphy Bed was born.

Not Sure Which One Is Right For Your Space?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing Murphy Bed hardware. What will you use it for? How much space do you have? Do you need it to be multifunctional? Here are a few pointers.


How large is the space and which mattress size will fit your needs? If you frequently host multiple overnight guests, a full or queen-size mattress could comfortably accommodate two guests. Be sure to measure the wall and floor space and also confirm the dimensions of the Murphy Bed when stored and extended to ensure you have the proper amount of space.


Depending on your budget and aesthetic goals, there are several material options for Murphy Bed hardware when it comes to the frame, including metal, solid wood, particleboard, plywood, and MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

Storage Features 

If you are looking to increase storage, there are models that offer shelves, cabinets, and closets providing practical ways to save space and enhance room decor.


There are vertical and horizontal models, with the horizontal mounting from the long side of the bed, and the more common vertical-style anchoring from the top of the bed.

I’m interested in Murphy Beds, what next?

Proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA, Create-A-Bed is operated in Louisville, Kentucky and has several Create-A-Bed Murphy Bed options available. You can visit our showroom or contact us to see what we can do for you. Still have questions? Click here for our FAQ.


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