Murphy Bed DIY: A Space Saving Solution

Murphy Bed DIY: A Space Saving Solution

Many people could benefit from more space. More space in their day, more space in their yard, and certainly more space inside their home. If you, like many, find yourself longing for more room inside your home, there is a way to add more space without the need to call in a construction crew—a Murphy bed.

Perfect for small-space living or dual-purpose rooms, Murphy Bed hardware is designed with a hinge on each side so it can be lifted to a vertical or horizontal position for storage purposes. When the bed is stored, space that was once occupied becomes available for use. Pretty neat, huh? 

Need ideas for how to use the additional space?

  • If you love hosting but don’t want your guests to end up on the couch, a Murphy bed can easily transform the area into an additional bedroom.
  • Working from home and need an office? Adding a Murphy bed to the space will provide room for a daytime office that easily transforms into a bedroom at night.
  • If toys are overtaking your home, a Murphy bed DIY can solve that problem by turning the additional bedroom into a dual-purpose playroom.
  • A fitness area is a great way to utilize the additional space that a Murphy bed provides. Weights, bands, mats, and any mobile equipment can be utilized for a quick workout at any time.
  • If you have a hobby that requires space such as crafting, or need a cozy place to relax, adding a Murphy bed can give you the space you desire. 

Where does the DIY come in?

Easy to build, easy to install, but what does that really mean? At Create-A-Bed, our DIY Create-A-Bed® Murphy bed hardware mechanisms feature our state-of-the-art piston lift system, step-by-step construction plans, and instructional video. You choose the mattress size and orientation, and our patented mechanism will do the heavy lifting for you.

Still have questions? Watch our DIY video of a build and install using our Deluxe Bed Mechanism kit.

Want to learn more about Murphy Bed DIY?

Proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA, Create-A-Bed is operated in Louisville, Kentucky and has several Create-A-Bed Murphy Bed options available. You can visit our showroom or contact us to see what we can do for you.

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