How a Murphy Bed Can Transform Your Space

“Space: the final frontier” - Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) of the starship Enterprise said these words, which are said to be the most famous opening lines of narration in television history. However, they may also sum up daily life in many households as lives change and families ebb and flow, making space requirements increasingly difficult. Here are some common reasons your household may need more space:


  • Trying to juggle a remote work schedule and e-learning from home”
  • Children who are grown, are returning to the nest
  • New baby 
  • Grandparents have moved in


Instead of uprooting everyone and moving entire rooms around when a huge event directly affects your home's space, learn how the installation of a Murphy Bed (also known as a hide-a-bed, pull-down bed, fold-away, or wall bed) may assist fix space concerns before you search out whole new worlds! Consider these popular solutions if you need a room to function as more than just one bedroom:

  • The workspace in a home office during the day becomes a bedroom at night.
  • A Murphy Bed can provide the essential play or living space during the day while also
    providing sleeping accommodations at night in a compact bedroom or loft.
  • In a shared bedroom with only enough space for one bed, a Murphy Bed can
    accommodate two sleepers at night while maintaining daytime space flexibility.
  • If you have to give up the rarely-used guest room to make way for everyday living space, you may keep the convenience and comfort of a guest room by installing a Murphy Bed for when visitors arrive. It's tucked away in its cabinet, so it doesn't get in the way of other uses of the space, and it's quick and easy to turn it into a guest room when needed.


In a multi-use room, the Murphy bed is tucked away during the day, and the room's typical use is unaffected, whether it's a family room, playroom, home office, or guest room. Make all your home space work better for you.
To get the most out of your home, more space may not be as important as maximizing your existing space. Maintaining living space is essential, but greater sleeping capacity can also be necessary, thus custom Murphy Beds can transform any space into achieving both needs.


A Murphy Bed allows you to have both functional furniture and a comfortable bed, which is very useful in limited places. There's no need to make the bed every day; simply fold the Murphy Bed and stuff it with blankets and pillows. You can unwind knowing that your family and/or visitors will be well-cared for and comfortable. Contact Create-A-Bed today!


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