4 Reasons Why You Need a Murphy Bed for Your Airbnb Listing

4 Reasons Why You Need a Murphy Bed for Your Airbnb Listing

In the crowded short-term rental market, it’s important to find a way to stand out. Why should someone choose your Airbnb or Vrbo listing over the one down the street? The hidden answer: A Murphy bed. 

A bed that can be easily tucked back into the wall is an ideal addition to a short-term rental for many reasons, including economics, comfort, space, and fun.

Making the Most of Your Space (And More Money) 

The amount of bedrooms you have in your home doesn’t have to dictate the number of beds you provide. A wall bed, or Murphy bed, can be installed in your living room, kitchen or wherever you have the space.  

Being able to fit more people in your short-term rental is good for you, because the more people that can stay in your listing, the more money you can potentially charge — and make. And it’s good for your guests if they’re traveling with a group, especially as more families are turning to Airbnb for vacation: 33% of overnight stays on the site last summer were booked by a family unit. 

During the day, your Murphy bed can be stored away with a simple lift or touch of a finger to make an attractive centerpiece to a room — surrounded by built-in bookshelves, or completely hidden away, meant to blend in with the wall. Besides being convenient, a properly secured Murphy bed is safe, too; Wall bed technology has had over 100 years to be perfected. 

Sleeping in Comfort and Style 

Why choose a Murphy bed over a foldout couch or futon? Comfort, of course. 

An actual bed will be more luxurious than a lumpy futon. And Murphy beds come in twin, queen, and king sizes — giving your customers the extra elbow room they need to feel at home. 

No Expert Required 

If you’re in the short-term rental business, you probably have an independent spirit. Luckily for you, Murphy adjustable bed kits don’t call for a professional to install. You can easily jump into a DIY project with a Murphy bed kit. They come equipped with all the supplies you need, as well as an instruction manual. And, if you need a little extra help, there are plenty of easy-to-follow DIY tutorials on YouTube 

The M in Murphy Bed Also Stands for Magic 

Your guests book a short-term rental to get away, whether it’s to a work-from-home paradise or a long-needed vacation destination. They want the comforts of home, but not the same old amenities as home. You can take them somewhere new with a Murphy bed. 

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