How to Easily Adjust a Murphy Bed

How to Easily Adjust a Murphy Bed

In the past, if a Murphy bed was too heavy or too light and needed to be adjusted, you would have had to take it apart to remove bulky and hazardous metal springs. Since the Create-A-Bed Adjustable Murphy Bed Mechanism has been invented, that process has gotten a whole lot easier.

How does Murphy Bed Adjustment work?

The Adjustable Murphy Bed Mechanism is a state-of-the-art system that uses gas springs to easily lift and lower your Murphy bed. With it, a Murphy bed can be adjusted in seconds without having to move anything around; not even Murphy bed hardware or the mattress.

To adjust the bed with the Murphy Bed Mechanism, use a driver to turn the nut on the lower ball stud plate. If you want more lifting power, move the gas brake away from the pivot. For reduced power, move the piston closer to the pivot.

Without the Adjustable Murphy Bed Mechanism, tweaking the bed’s weight involves removing metal springs. This requires heavy gloves and eye protection, something that is not needed to use the Adjustable Murphy Bed Mechanism.

What about Installation?

The Adjustable Murphy Bed Mechanism is easy to install. Each Murphy Bed kit with step-by-step construction/assembly instructions. These illustrated instructions include cut sheets, bills of materials, and templates. They can be applied to twin, full, and queen sized beds, as well as beds that are stored vertically or horizontally.

Having an easily adjustable Murphy bed is especially important for cabinetmakers, remodelers, and furniture and closet manufacturers, who save money the faster they complete a job. The demand for Murphy beds is also increasing as living spaces become smaller and more expensive and the need skyrockets for home offices and multi-purpose rooms.

Ready to get Started?

Create-A-Bed is the only place to buy its patented Adjustable Murphy Bed Mechanism. The item is made in the USA. Go here to buy one today.

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