Everything you Need to Know about Murphy Bed Accessories

Everything you Need to Know about Murphy Bed Accessories

For the modern homeowner, A Murphy Bed is the ultimate piece of furniture. Its blend of utility and room-enriching possibilities makes it a worthwhile investment to say the least. But there are several accessories available that can serve as a “cherry on top” to take your Murphy Bed to an even greater level of functionality and greater potential to increase your quality of life.  .

At Create-A-Bed, we think of ourselves as the springboard into the wonderful world of Murphy Bed hardware. We give you the tools and the resources you need to get started. However, we sell a few additional amenities you’re not going to want to miss out on.  

Light Kit 

Here at Create-A-Bed, our staple accessories are our Murphy Bed lights. These offer several benefits, the most obvious of which is that they allow you to maintain ambient lighting right until the moment you fall asleep. If you’re a bookworm or the type of person who enjoys curling up with a book before falling asleep at night, a Murphy Bed light kit is a worthwhile investment. If you own a Murphy Bed for your Air BnB or Vrbo property, your guests are sure to appreciate it as well and see the amenity as a reason to make your rental their go-to space when they’re in the area. 

Bookcase Light 

If you have taken the initiative to construct a bookcase around your Murphy Bed, this next accessory will be of interest to you. In addition to the bed lights, we also offer bookcase lights! Bookcase lights serve as the ultimate way to highlight the most prized pieces in your collection of whatever it is you have decided to place on your Murphy Bed built-in bookcase. At Create-A-Bed, our specialty is the Murphy Bed Mechanism. That is the actual hardware that allows a Murphy Bed Kit to function. However, there are many trusted woodworkers who help our customers create beautiful wooden structures to center around their Murphy Bed (click here to find one near you). These often include built-in bookcases that go around the bed, offering a super convenient method of storing books and making the most of your living space. A Murphy Bed bookcase is the ultimate way to add new functionality to a room. You can seamlessly convert your in-home library into a guest room at any time! 

Piston Covers 

Piston covers can add a sleeker look to your Murphy Bed. Simply cover the pistons with these small accessories, and in no time, you can improve the appearance of your Murphy Bed Kit. If you prefer a seamless look rather than one that highlights the hardware, these may be a wonderful add-on. 

It's all up to you.

That being said, the accessories we offer are only the starting point. There are countless different ways you can make your Murphy Bed YOURS. From how it’s built, to décor, and everything in between, a Murphy Bed is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can add to your home, because it’s. At the end of the day, the most important accessories are whatever YOU want. Pillows, blankets, books and decorations for your bookshelf, it’s all up to you.  

If you are ready to start your Murphy Bed journey, get in touch with us today.  

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