Preparing Your Space for the Holidays with a Murphy Bed Kit

Preparing Your Space for the Holidays with a  Murphy Bed Kit

Who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s a time of peace, giving, and spending time with family. It’s also a time of much-needed relaxation. After working hard all year, wrapping up the year by wrapping ourselves up in a bed is what many of us want more than anything. At Create-A-Bed, we help you make this possible through the most convenient means necessary. Here are some tips on getting ready for the holidays through a Murphy Bed kit.

Instant Guest Room

We love to gush about just how versatile and beneficial Murphy Bed hardware is. For those who wish to make the most of their living space, Murphy Bed hardware is a lifesaver. This is doubly so during the holidays. Are you someone who likes to have guests over during this special time of year? Whether family or friends, you love having them, but sometimes things get to feel crowded. With Murphy Bed hardware, you get to have a guest room without sacrificing any space. Murphy Bed is the ultimate space-saving solution as it can simply be folded up when not in use! Any room can seamlessly serve as a dual-purpose guest room. What you do in the room for the rest of the year we leave up to you.

Spruce it Up

In addition to all the space-saving benefits of Murphy Bed hardware, it offers so much room for customization and many additions. You can customize your Murphy Bed however you want. Pillows, blankets, and more. You can add a Murphy Bed bookcase light to give your guests a chance to wind down before they sleep in their adjustable Murphy Bed. Your bookworm friends and family will feel right at home.

For Airbnb and Vrbo renters

People will often make the same trip each holiday, likely visiting the town where they grew up and where their parents live. And those people need a place to stay of course. If you own an Airbnb or Vrbo property, why not invest in a Murphy Bed system to make your rental space even more glamorous? A satisfied guest will likely visit your place every season if their room features a one-of-a-kind super convenient Murphy Bed mechanism. Take a look at our blog about why Murphy Bed Kits are great for Airbnb and Vrbo renters.

The ultimate gift?

Every kid wants a bed for Christmas! Ok, that might sound like an exaggeration. But a Murphy Bed hardware kit is a great gift for a child! Why? Because their room will instantly have so much more room for activities! Having extra room to play and run around is crucial for the mental and physical well-being of your child. Whether you put a Murphy Bed in your child’s bedroom or wish to turn a guest room into a playroom in the blink of an eye, A Murphy Bed kit is sure the way to do it. This is especially helpful in the winter months following the holidays, when kids may not have as much time to play outside.

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