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Use your Guest Room as a Gym, Office, or Library by Hiding a Create-A-Bed Murphy Bed in the Wall

Use your Guest Room as a Gym, Office, or Library by Hiding a Create-A-Bed Murphy Bed in the Wall

Do you have a smaller space or overall small home where you would like to fit in an extra room?

Convert guest rooms, children’s rooms, or studios into exercise rooms, libraries, or home offices during the day with a murphy bed. You will get an added space with multiple purposes without having to cram anything in.

Murphy beds are a practical addition to any small space that needs to work double duty. When folded into the wall, they free

up square footage to be used for other purposes, and when folded down, they offer a cozy place for you, family members, or guests to rest. This clever design feature is perfect for small-space dwellers who could use the extra room when the bed is not in use.

To choose the right Murphy bed for an exercise room, first, make sure that your Murphy bed will fit within the room’s ceiling and floor space. The best Murphy beds for exercise rooms also have mirrors to match room decor, plenty of storage for equipment, and are durable enough so you can keep collapsing and opening them. 

Make the Most of Your Rooms

Typically, guest rooms are used for only a few weeks out of the whole year – for the rest of the year, the space is wasted. Not with a Murphy bed! One room can serve the dual purpose of a guest room, exercise room, and even home office or library with a Murphy bed. If you are tight on space, you can convert your exercise room into your office or library just by adding a simple Murphy bed. It fits into the cabinetry discreetly, leaving you plenty of floor space for exercising, making outbound calls, or enjoying a new book in a comfy chair.

If you only have one spare room in your home and you can’t decide if a home gym is more important than an office or library, a Murphy bed is your ideal option. You can easily use a room as both a home gym, work, and leisure area with a Murphy bed. The best part is that when you are using the room for exercise, the bed will not look out of place.

The reason a Murphy bed aids in the collection between room ideas is the flexibility of how the Murphy bed is placed, and even the features of the bed's construction. You can keep all your books or other working materials on the cabinet shelves of the Murphy bed, which stay in place even when the bed is unfolded.

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