New Year, New DIY Projects

New Year, New DIY Projects

The beginning of the new year gives us a fresh start and the chance to make needed changes and upgrades. While many people take the route of self-improvement, it might also be a great time to make some home renovations.

Get inspired by these easy and creative ideas.

Choose from our Standard, Adjustable, and Deluxe bed mechanism options.
Written instructions as well as a YouTube instructional video are included with our Murphy bed kit for construction. The size (Twin, Full, or Queen) and style (Vertical or Horizontal) of the bed line up with the instructional booklets and parts of the mechanism components. Additionally, the instruction manuals are unique to the kind of wood you intend to use to construct the murphy bed cabinet.

Make your home feel fresh and new with a perfect upgrade project.

It doesn't have to be expensive when making tiny improvements to individual rooms in your home or to your property. Sometimes a little imagination and strategic planning will do just fine. Murphy beds may now be used as standalone pieces of furniture that include everything from workstations to bookshelves and serve as the focal point of creative storage solutions.

Start the New Year with a new DIY project from Create-a-Bed

Here are a few ideas to get you started with how a DIY Murphy bed from Create-a-Bed can completely alter and add value to your room or living space

Create something beautiful, functional, or both – it’s up to you!

Standard Mechanism:

The STANDARD hinged-leg mechanism is used to build a
Murphy bed with two hinged wooden legs that are attached to the front of the bed. They are completely under the bed when the bed is lowered out of the bed cabinet.

Deluxe Mechanism:

The DELUXE tube-leg mechanism is used to build a Murphy bed that utilizes a pair of metal tube legs. The tube legs are totally concealed inside the bed cabinet when it is closed and are manually rotated over the end of the bed face panel when it is lowered out of the cabinet.

Adjustable Mechanism:

Until now, adjusting a Murphy bed that was “too heavy” or “too light” meant taking the Murphy bed apart in order to add or remove one or more bulky, hazardous metal springs. (Heavy gloves and eye protection were a must.) It’s one of the many reasons manufacturers and customers prefer state-of-the-art pistons instead of old-fashioned metal springs.

And now – thanks to the patented Create-A-Bed Adjustable Murphy Bed Mechanism – a Murphy bed that is too heavy to lift easily, or too light to stay on the floor, can be adjusted in seconds to be perfectly balanced and effortless to lift and lower.

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