Create-A-Bed x Veteran's Village

On Memorial Day, commemorated each year across the United States honoring those that have died while serving in the military, the VBC Giving Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the philanthropic arm of Volumetric Building Companies (VBC) wishes to lend its gratitude to its donor community.

As May of 2023 commenced (notably 'Military Awareness Month'), the aid of individual donations and corporate partnerships ensured the successful launch of the organization's inaugural, $6 million, 47-unit new construction permanent housing community, ‘Veterans Village’, proudly today serving American veterans in Philadelphia.

Through the support of diverse companies including however not limited to Create-A-Bed LLC, the VBC Giving Foundation launch its Veterans Village permanent housing community, a model entirely replicable and serving as a template for future modular housing projects in serving seniors, veterans, children aging out of foster care, abuse survivors and refugees.

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