Interested in Murphy Beds But Not the Craftsman Type? Read This!

Interested in Murphy Beds But Not the Craftsman Type? Read This!

Let’s face it: not all of us are good with our hands. Whether it be woodworking or other handyman skills, some of us just aren’t cut out. But that’s ok- because there are lots of reputable companies made of people who are. Around the country, we have excellent woodworkers who have helped many people create extraordinary structures surrounding their Murphy Beds.  

Not to mention, when it comes to building a bed using Murphy Bed, there are many tools, you will need. These may include a circular saw, jigsaw, drill with drill bits and driver bits, and a tape measurer. Perhaps you don’t have these tools available or do not feel like it is worth investing in them for this project alone. While they are available in virtually any hardware store, you might not feel comfortable using or buying them yourself.  

Don’t worry. Our wood manufacturers, with whom we proudly partner, can take on the job. They can create gorgeous furniture that can utilize the Murphy bed hardware to its best ability. These can include anything from bookcases, shelves, and armoires. Basically, a Murphy Bed Mechanism can be intertwined with any piece of gorgeous wooden furniture you would want to put in your home. In our gallery, you can find some examples of what we are talking about.  

In short, you don’t need to rely upon your own woodworking skills (or lack thereof). We at Create-A-Bed have a vast network of woodworkers all around the country, ready to assist you. With them, you can create the bedroom of your dreams. No matter how you want to customize your Murphy Bed to suit your needs, they can do it.  

The possibilities are endless. Find a builder today!

Take a look at some of the incredible accessories we offer to make your Murphy Bed even more exciting, versatile, and unique.  

Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ- we try to cover everything you’ll need to know. 

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