Create-A-Bed® x Veteran's Village - Grand Opening (May 2023)

Create-A-Bed® x Veteran's Village - Grand Opening (May 2023)


As May of 2023 commenced (notably 'Military Awareness Month'), the aid of individual donations and corporate partnerships ensured the successful launch of the organization's inaugural, $6 million, 47-unit new construction permanent housing community, ‘Veterans Village’, proudly today serving American veterans in Philadelphia.

Learn More About Veteran's Village Here.

Through the support of diverse companies including however not limited to Create-A-Bed LLC, the VBC Giving Foundation launch its Veterans Village permanent housing community, a model entirely replicable and serving as a template for future modular housing projects in serving seniors, veterans, children aging out of foster care, abuse survivors and refugees.

Executive Director of the VBC Giving Foundation, John P. Jones SSgt USMC Ret, stated that,

"As we pay tribute to the innumerable American heroes who sacrificed their lives and the future of their families for the country that they loved, it is absolutely critical to take the opportunity presented by Memorial Day to thank the many donors from across American enterprise who joined together to provide a solution to the housing crisis still afflicting so many military personnel and members of veterans’ organizations in 2023".

"Without the financial support, in-kind donations and future commitments of individual donors and businesses from all walks of life, the Veterans Village modular housing solution recently launched on the Bernard Spain Campus of Frankford, Philadelphia, would remain out of reach and we would not today be actively exploring replicating its success elsewhere across the country".

Create-A-Bed, an organization manufacturing innovative Murphy beds entirely from within the USA and working with partners which today extend across the country and the globe, donated custom-designed mechanisms to create a modern and dignified living environment for Veterans Village residents.

John L. Burke, President of Create-A-Bed LLC, stated that,

“Our partnership with VBC Giving Foundation’s Bernard Spain Veterans Village Housing complex has been truly exceptional, yielding tremendous value for the Create-A-Bed team. The opportunity to support and assist veterans in need has been a profoundly meaningful project, one that we are committed to sustaining for years to come”.

The ‘quiet crisis’ afflicting America’s veterans nonetheless continues - According to a recent study by researchers with the VA Connecticut Health Care System and Yale University, both male and female Veterans are today at greater risk for homelessness than their non-Veteran counterparts.

"It takes an all-of-society approach to make real the American Dream still shared by so many veterans today facing conditions of abject poverty and homelessness. We were founded on the principle that respectable, safe, quality housing is imperative and achievable for everyone and in my view, it takes a village to create Veterans Village - In doing so, we are playing our part in fulfilling our promise to those that have safeguarded this country”.
“In short, to our donor community, we simply say - thank you,” John P. Jones concluded.

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